Walcott and Wilshere physio celebration turns sour

Arsenal duo to miss "at least three seasons" after backfiring piggyback stunt.

Walcott and Wilshere physio celebration involved these guys
STAR: Duo (Image: Ronnie Macdonald)

It’s the Walcott and Wilshere physio celebration that’s sweeping the nation, but it’s left the Arsenal pair carrying long-term injuries.

A hat-trick and goal respectively in the 4-1 win over West Bromwich Albion compelled the returning duo to thrust club physio Declan Lynch aloft on their shoulders, all of which promptly shattered, just moments after the final whistle.

The irony-laden turn of events is already being described in some quarters as a “reverse Morrow”, a reference to former Gunners defender Steve who scored the winner in the 1993 League Cup final before having his arm broken in a botched Tony Adams celebration.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger confirmed that the Walcott and Wilshere physio celebration had taken a terrible toll on the England players.

He said: “They’ll be out for three years each at least, I’m afraid.

“Declan’s gutted at seeing all his hard work go to waste but he shouldn’t blame himself – some players are just predestined for this sort of thing.

“Theo tempted fate just one step too far when he threw those ‘2-0’ signs at Spurs fans while being stretchered off that one time, while Jack’s just an objectionable little scrote.

“You can probably tell that just by looking at him, and I can confirm it’s true.”