Transfer D-Day Latest: Phil Brown Appears On Telly

Phil Brown on Sky Sports News!
Phil Brown... He's BACK! (Img: Neutralle)

Former Phil Brown’s Hull City manager Phil Brown is on Sky Sports News, right now.

Brown, a Gemini, led Phil Brown’s Hull City to the Premier League in 2008 and spontaneously burst into song when Phil Brown’s Hull City narrowly avoided relegation on the final day of the season.

However, things took a turn for the worse for Phil Brown’s Hull City as they returned from whence they came the following year, sending Phil Brown on “gardening leave” before the end of the campaign and reverting to their prior moniker of Hull City.

Most recently, Phil Brown oversaw Preston North End’s relegation to League One, and now he’s on Sky Sports News chatting about transfer deadline day and stuff, his famous pink sweater sadly not flung stylishly over his shoulders.

A person said: “This is ace.”

He added: “They should have him on every day.”

Phil Brown Fact File:

Phil Brown was born in South Shields, roughly in between South and Shields.

Phil Brown’s favourite day is Tuesday.

Phil Brown was a roadie for The Smashing Pumpkins but, after inadvertently sneezing all over Dr Dre’s corn-on-the-cob backstage at Lollapalooza, the resultant gang warfare forced him to resign unceremoniously from his position.

Phil Brown once cooked and ate his own trousers as a tribute to Werner Herzog.

Phil Brown does not, contrary to scurrilous internet rumour-mongering, host a superfluous third nipple.

Phil Brown says his dream is to one day embark on a world record attempt for meringue consumption (the current record stands at 286 consecutive days of solid munching).

Phil Brown had to have a chair leg surgically removed after sitting in a seat that had been occupied by Sam Allardyce.