Three more water bottles come forward to speak out against Mourinho

Drinking vessels accuse Man Utd boss of historical abuse.

These three water bottles accuse José Mourinho of historical abuse
BRAVE: Bottles (Image: Amraepowell)

Three more water bottles have come forward to accuse José Mourinho of historical abuse after the Man Utd manager was sent off against West Ham.

The self-styled Special One reacted angrily to referee Jonathan Moss’s failure to award Paul Pogba a free kick for diving, booting a water bottle fifty feet into the air.

With a new trio of drinking vessels now ready to testify against him, it would seem Mourinho’s behaviour on Sunday was far from a one-off.

And with his United team in disarray, it is feared he will continue to pose a threat.

In a joint statement, Mourinho’s three accusers appealed for greater awareness and understanding of water bottle abuse.

They said: “Seeing him punt that poor vessel straight into next week brought all the bad memories flooding back.

“Which is ironic, really, seeing as we were taken into the past by seeing one of our comrades hurtling into the future.

“Is that irony? Who knows, we’re just bottles. Frankly it’s remarkable we can even put together a joint statement.

“So yeah, equal rights for water bottles of all colours.”