The Buck Stops! Rovers Fans Proved Correct, Rally Behind Kean

Blackburn Rovers supporters rally behind Steve Kean
Fowl... Sums up the prevailing mood at Ewood (Img: Thegreenj)

Blackburn Rovers supporters have rallied back around long-embattled manager Steve Kean after watching their side beat Aston Villa to the Told You So! Trophy with a spectacular 1-0 defeat to Wigan Athletic at Ewood Park last night.

The Told You So! Trophy, retroactively awarded to the club whose supporters most accurately foresaw the rampant dismalness that would ensue from a highly questionable decision at management or boardroom level, will now take its place proudly alongside the 1995 Premier League and the 2002 League Cup in the Lancashire club’s cabinet, which Rovers officials plan to relaunch as the club’s trophy cabinet once they’ve cleared out all the novelty coffee mugs and old copies of Radio Times.

At last night’s weekly emergency meeting, Blackburn fans agreed that if their team has to be flippin’ hopeless then they might as well enjoy the shallow consolation of sticking it to the national media and other Premier League managers, just two of the factions to have spent the last nine months trying to explain to the Ewood faithful just how jolly unreasonable they’re being about their unrelenting rubbishness under Kean and owners Venky’s.

As such, protesters have now turned their attentions to ensuring that Kean’s noble failure to make them eat words be rewarded with a new ten-year contract, with assurances that funds will be made available to sign the one player on the pitch last night who headed straight for goal and didn’t run around like a headless chicken…