Sunderland to run out to “I Got You Babe” from now on

Joke already being described in some quarters as "glaringly obvious".

Sunderland to run out to Sonny & Cher classic
GOT: Babe

Sunderland will henceforth run out to the strains of Sonny & Cher classic “I Got You Babe”, obviously.

It is hoped that the joke, which requires no explanation as long as you’ve seen that film where Bill Murray keeps dying all the time, will shed a more humorous light on the Black Cats’ long overdue relegation to the Championship.

However, sections of the long-suffering Stadium of Light faithful are adamant that Republica hit “Ready to Go” should be brought back on account of its titular suitability to their quick fire succession of managers.

They chorused: “If the song the team runs out to really has to be a joke, it might as well be one that’s not going to sound completely ridiculous in the context of a sporting occasion.

“And yes it is totally bizarre that we all just said that at exactly the same time.

“Now put your little hand in mine…”