Sturridge injury latest: his arm falls off

"There has been some slight dislocation in the brachial area," confirms Brendan Rodgers.

Daniel Sturridge

It’s the Daniel Sturridge injury latest that’s been gripping the nation, and it took a dramatic twist this morning when his arm fell off mid press conference.

The gathering, hastily arranged, had been called together in order for the Liverpool hit man to announce that he was fit to take his place in England’s starting line-up against Germany tonight.

However, his arm fell off.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, an eye witness described the events that led to what has already been dubbed “Daniel Sturridge’s arm falling off” in some quarters.

She said: “It was weird.

“He told us gathered hacks that he was fit enough to face Germany tonight and that he was absolutely delighted with this.

“He expressed his delight through the medium of dance, performing a clearly rehearsed slight variation on his inimitable goal celebration routine.

“And then his arm fell off.”

Speaking exclusively to SoccerBelch.com, Reds boss Brendan Rodgers confirmed this Sturridge injury latest but declared that they hope to have the arm reattached in time for Saturday’s Merseyside derby.

He said: “There has been some slight dislocation in the, er, brachial area.

“The good news is that we reckon we can pin it back on using science and that.

“The bad news is that Daniel may never dance again.”

He added: “I’m Brendan Rodgers, this has been your Daniel Sturridge injury latest.”

Sturridge’s uncle Dean was unavailable for comment.