Steve McClaren Derby move was “accent-based”

"Ay up, m'duck, ah'm bossin wee pride to be back," he said.

Steve McClaren Derby County manager
McClaren… Nattering Ram (Image: Thomas Rodenbücher)

It’s the Steve McClaren Derby County appointment that’s got everyone talking – and the man himself has cited his familiarity with the local accent as the reason for his return.

The former England manager, vernacularly absorbent, played for the Rams for three years and was Jim Smith’s assistant at Pride Park before moving to Manchester United to assume a similar role under Sir Alex Ferguson.

McClaren was widely ridiculed for giving an interview in a Dutch accent soon after assuming the FC Twente hot seat, then promptly hit back at the critics by leading them to the Eredivisie title.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, McClaren explained that his decision to return to Derby was motivated by the fact that he wouldn’t have to learn a new accent.

He said: “Ay up, m’duck, ah’m bossin wee pride to be back.

“It’s my job to pick us up off the dogshelf after that reet keen defeat at Nottingham Forest, because there’s no use smarming and scrating about it.

“The squad ah’ve inherited from Nigel Clough is stodged wee talent, so ah’ll be smockravelled if the league table’s not a bobby dazzler come season’s end.

“Ah’ll cloth anyone who doesn’t gi it some clog, or indeed some ommer.”

“Are ya arking?”

McClaren then had to “bobby off” as he was “clamming for summat tait” lest he wind up “mardy”.

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