Spurs fans regret ripping on Arsenal fans

Performance against Liverpool so one-dimensional that Stephen Hawking's flown over to have a look at it.

Andre Villas-Boas
This Spurs fan regretted tagging Arsène Wenger in a Facebook status update comprised entirely of “HAHAHAHA” (Image: Jon Candy)

Supporters of Tottenham Hotspur have expressed their regret at having sent ridicule-flavoured text messages to fans of local rivals Arsenal on Saturday afternoon.

The Spurs fans, rueful, had spied an opportunity to stick the boot in when the Gunners succumbed to a 6-3 defeat at Manchester City, where Andre Villas-Boas’s men went down 6-0 the other week.

However, the gleeful ribbings backfired spectacularly when Liverpool went to White Hart Lane yesterday and claimed a victory so comprehensive that it’s been entered into the school performance league tables.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Gary, a Spurs fan from Pinner, described the 28-or-so-hour armistice period between gubbings as “probably the happiest time of my life”.

He said: “I don’t think I’ve ever been as happy as I was when Arsenal conceded six as well so it wasn’t just us, albeit they managed to halve the deficit.

“Those were great days. Saturday, that is – good times. That really is as good as it gets as a Spurs fan.

“So you can imagine our dismay when we turned in a performance against Liverpool so one-dimensional that Stephen Hawking’s flown over to have a look at it.

“He said he could conceive of finding a second dimension of time if a giant wormhole could be constructed in space.

“But he said he couldn’t find a second dimension to Tottenham Hotspur’s performance against Liverpool.”

He added: “That stung.”