Shakespeare losing job in wake of Storm Ophelia “definitely means something”

Omen thought to signify something "bloody important".

William Shakespeare, no relation of former Leicester boss Craig
SHOCKER: Shakespeare

A man with the surname Shakespeare losing his job in the wake of destruction caused by Storm Ophelia is thought to be some kind of omen.

Leicester City announced the sacking of Craig Shakespeare earlier today, fuelling speculation as to the nature of the apparent portent.

Although no one is quite sure what it means, prominent online theorists are unanimous in their belief that it’s something “bloody important”.

One of them said: “It’s bloody important, whatever it is.

“Shakespeare once wrote about a ‘red morn’ so that’s something else to throw into the mix, what with that weird sky we had the other day.

“That’s William, by the way, not Craig.”

At the time of going to print, there were unconfirmed reports of an apothecary loitering outside Leicester City’s King Power Stadium.