Seven new books written as Liverpool finish 3rd

Brendan Rodgers's side consolidate top 4 credentials after last season's 2nd place Premier League finish.

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers at his writing desk
Even Brendan Rodgers got in on the act (Image: leiris202)

Up to seven new books have been written in celebration of Liverpool’s majestic 3rd place finish in the Champions League, it has been confirmed.

The tomes, imminent, were hastily penned in the hours following last night’s spectacular 1-1 draw at home to Basel, a result which sees Brendan Rodgers’s side consolidate their top 4 credentials after last season’s 2nd place Premier League finish.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Dave Wavertree, author of I Dream of Stevie, communicated his degree of Gerrard-envisaging slumber via the medium of amateur poetry.

He recited: “With floodlights lit and flags aloft, the Kop began to roar / Just when they thought that we’d gone soft, we’d show them how to score

“I often dream of Stevie and his goal against the Greeks / ‘You beauty!’ cried out Andy Gray, as he leapt up off his cheeks

“Fast forward one whole decade and the Swiss role into town / They’ve come here to frustrate us, lads, be hard to break them down

“But wait a minute, what is this? They dominate the game! / Have they no respect for our proud tradition or our name?

“Step forward Super Stevie with a free kick quite sublime / Until five years ago he used to do that all the time

“And so it was that Liverpool came third amongst their group / Proving once again that we’re the kings of all Yirrup!”

He added: “Wrote that meself, lad.”