Sánchez bemoans lack of dogs in dog house

Arsenal star in renewed bust-up with Wenger.

Alexis Sánchez wants more dogs at Arsenal
ANGERED: Alexis (Image: joshjdss)

Alexis Sánchez has spoken out about his disappointment at the absence of dogs in the dog house that his bust-up with Arsène Wenger has landed him in.

The Arsenal star started Saturday’s 3-1 defeat at Liverpool on the bench, with Wenger claiming that the decision was somehow tactical.

This claim was later debunked by investigative pundits who pointed out that leaving out your best player was not a tactic they’d ever heard of.

It’s a situation that has left Sánchez well and truly in the dog house, a prospect he at first welcomed due to his well publicised love of dogs.

But the subsequent lack of new dogs afforded to him has led Sánchez to question his manager’s integrity.

He told Football Burp via a translator: “So I’m in the dog house, and I’m thinking to myself – where are the dogs?

“I feel like it’s the second time Mr Wenger has sold me a lie after that time he told me to sign for Arsenal because we’d compete for the title.

“Needless to say I gave him a piece of my mind. I couldn’t quite follow the stream of invective he came out with, but I’m fairly sure he threatened to send me on loan to Coventry City.

“Anyway, sod this for a lark, I’m off to La Liga or some such.”