Ronald Koeman’s Christmas tree gifts Everton late penalty

Toffees boss manages to switch it for Fellaini without Mourinho noticing.

Marouane Fellaini or Ronald Koeman's Christmas tree?
Fellaini or Christmas tree? (Image: Ardfern)

Ronald Koeman’s Christmas tree proved decisive as he managed to exchange it for Marouane Fellaini without José Mourinho noticing, earning Everton a late penalty against Man Utd.

The Dutchman copped flak from the Toffees’ fan base earlier this week when he shared a photo of his predominantly red-decorated tree on Twitter.

But it seems they hadn’t counted on him tricking his Red Devils counterpart with a masterful switcheroo in the Goodison Park dugout.

Sending Duncan Ferguson to surreptitiously kidnap Fellaini, Koeman then wheeled his red Christmas tree onto the touchline as Mourinho prepared to make a substitution.

In farcical scenes, the tree was then brought on for Henrikh Mkhitaryan before conceding a penalty when it became entangled with Idrissa Gueye.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Mourinho refused to admit any naivety on his part.

He scowled: “Me, naive? No. I don’t think anyone noticed it was a tree rather than Fellaini.

“Even now I see people blaming Fellaini on social media, but as far as I know he’s still gagged and bound in a broom cupboard somewhere.

“I’ve postponed my journey home because it could take a few hours to pick him out from all the brooms.”