Fairytale as league leaders beat 16th-placed team

José Mourinho left feeling betrayed and slightly nauseous.

Leicester boss Claudio Ranieri might revel in reading these Chelsea jokes
SAD CLOWN BUT HAPPY: Ranieri (Image: Майоров Владимир)

Remarkable scenes in last night’s Leicester City v Chelsea match, as the current Premier League leaders beat the team lying in 16th on less points than they’ve actually played games.

The scenes, remarkable, unfolded all over the King Power Stadium in front of tens of thousands of decidedly stunned onlookers, many of whom roared and some of whom grumbled while the aforementioned scenes unfurled.

José Mourinho was left feeling betrayed and slightly nauseous by a Leicester City performance that bore all the hallmarks of a team playing against Chelsea at the moment.

Claudio Ranieri, Mourinho’s predecessor at Chelsea, has suddenly emerged as the kind of manager that would no longer get sacked by Greece for overseeing a humiliating 0-1 defeat at home to the Faroe Islands.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Ranieri played up to his avuncular, slightly eccentric persona, thoroughly charming everyone within an eighty-mile radius in the process.

He said: “I-a-win, yayes? I-a-so, so happy.

“But seriously, folks, if I could give José just one piece of advice right now it would be to hang on in there, roll with the punches and one day you’ll be top of the Premier League.

“I-amma kind of like a Robin Williams Italiano, yayes? I-a-havva the sad eyes but I make with the funny, yayes?


Mourinho has been contacted for comment but has not yet provided any at the time of going to press print publish, I dunno.