Public warned to be vigilant against footballers who “aren’t that kind of player”

Solid, workmanlike pros must be avoided at all costs, they say.

Neil Taylor is "not that kind of player" despite breaking Séamus Coleman's leg
NICE: Neil (Image: Steindy)

Police have warned the public to be on their guard against footballers deemed to be “not that kind of player”.

Neil Taylor’s horrific lunge on Séamus Coleman in Friday’s 0-0 draw between Wales and Republic of Ireland left the Everton right-back with a broken leg and prompted a spate of positive character references for the Aston Villa man.

Although the depiction of Taylor as “not that kind of player” was intended to reassure the public, police have advised that this means he should be avoided at all costs.

In a statement, they said: “Nine times out of ten, a gruesome injury in a football match is inflicted by someone who’s not that kind of player.

“Needless to say, this flies in the face of available evidence which suggests they are indeed that kind of player.

“We would advise the public to be vigilant against the threat of solid, workmanlike pros who would’t hurt a fly according to their managers.”