Piegate blown wide open as ‘second pie’ claims surface

Former Sutton goalkeeper Wayne Shaw ate not a pie but two pies, it emerges.

Piegate involved Wayne Shaw eating a pie like this
DELICIOUS: Pie (Image: Oddbodz)

The Piegate controversy surrounding former Sutton goalkeeper Wayne Shaw, and it does well to surround him, was blown wide open as claims of a second pie emerged.

In footage obtained by Football Burp, Shaw can clearly be seen tucking into a second pie on the sidelines of an FA Cup fixture against Arsenal.

Shaw was fined £375 and banned for two months by the FA for intentionally influencing a betting market on account of one tabloid offering odds on him eating a pie.

But the sentence must surely now be reconsidered as it surfaces that Shaw did not in fact eat a pie, but two pies.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, some important FA guy argued that eating two pies also influenced the market.

He said: “Even if he hadn’t eaten a pie, that would have intentionally influenced it too.

“He deserves the fine and ban in this instance just as much as he would have in any of those instances.

“Also the opening sentence of this article is a little confusing, you appear to have collated Watergate with the Kennedy assassination.


Wayne Shaw told Football Burp: “Thanks for getting me off the hook.

“I owe you a pie.”