Photo of David de Gea not viable contraceptive, warn sexual health experts

Popular meme currently doing rounds is NOT on list of approved methods.

Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea
DON’T: de Gea (Image: Кирилл Венедиктов)

Taking a photo of David de Gea to bed with you is not a viable method of contraception, contrary to a popular meme currently doing the rounds.

That’s the view of sexual health experts, who warn that the Man Utd goalkeeper’s stunning save from Sevilla’s Luis Muriel could have “catastrophic” consequences for sexually active youngsters.

One boffin said: “If you see the following meme, bear in mind it is NOT on our list of approved guides to practising safe sex.

“Then after that quote, can you embed the image?


“Yes, like that. Cheers.

“Anyway, please use a Jonny Evans, a Pill Neville or – erm – an Eric Dierphragm.”