Pellegrini hoodie sparks craze amongst elderly

Thousands raid grandchildren's wardrobes, take to streets saying "cowabunga, dude!" and presiding over cup setbacks.

Hipster old guy inspired by Pellegrini hoodie
Hipster (Image: malias)

Britain was this morning waking up to scenes of unsuitably attired elderly folk after yesterday’s Manuel Pellegrini hoodie lit up Manchester City’s FA Cup quarter-final defeat to Wigan Athletic.

The Pellegrini hoodie, controversial, has proved to be such an instant hit amongst the over-70s that thousands have already raided their grandchildren’s wardrobes in order to take to the street saying things like “cowabunga, dude!” while presiding over disastrous cup exits.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Leonard, a 73-year-old from Dorking, explained that he was determined to keep swigging from bottles of trendy energy drinks until the bubbles stop burning his tongue.

He enthused: “I just think this particular product is totally awesome and rad, tubular at a push.

“The kudos associated with being seen to be drinking this fine modern product really took the sting out of my own FA Cup quarter-final exit at the hands of Sheffield United, a result I hadn’t seen coming.

“And that’s not just because of my cataracts.”

He continued: “Gertrude from next door took an absolute pasting off Hull City, but at least she received plenty of plaudits for the deep house megamix she treated fans to from her pitchside DJ booth.

“I’ve been informed by those present that it was exceedingly banging, and that it ‘went off’.

“Presumably that’s a good thing in this context – unlike if we were discussing, say, the half-eaten yoghurt that’s been in my fridge for a week.

“There’s a nice bit of halibut that needs finishing too. Best be off.

“Wah blow, old fruit!”

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