“Okay, some of them are untouchable,” backtracks Mourinho

Remembers all his other players are out on loan.

José Mourinho
ABOUT-FACE: Mourinho (Image: Ultraslansi)

José Mourinho has sensationally backtracked on his assertion that none of his Chelsea players are untouchable after realising he cannot possibly drop them all.

The Portuguese Jack Dee lookalike, endlessly quotable, had attempted to convey the dissatisfaction he felt with his side’s recent performances by intimating that not one single member of his first team squad was assured of his place.

It wasn’t until he was driving home later that he remembered he’d sent all his other players out on loan, and that therefore some of those remaining were actually pretty much assured of a place.

Backtracking exclusively to Football Burp, Mourinho asked that his previous comment be stricken from the record.

He shrugged: “Go, quick, delete all trace of what I said about there being no untouchables.

“It’s clearly not true, and obviously I wouldn’t like to be going on record as saying things that patently aren’t true, as that would make me look stupid.

“Now stop banning Costa.”