“Oh just **** off already you ****ing ****,” Wenger tells Neville

Frenchman "mightily ****ed off" by Sky pundit's analysis of Francis Coquelin's performance against Liverpool.

Arsène Wenger labelled this man "a ****"
“****”: Neville (Image: University of Salford Press Office)

A defiant Arsène Wenger has hit back at Gary Neville’s criticism of Francis Coquelin by declaring “oh just **** off already you absolute ****ing **** or I’ll ****ing wallop you”.

The Frenchman, erudite, professed to being “mightily ****ed off” by the Sky Sports pundit’s analysis of Coquelin’s performance during Arsenal’s 0-0 draw with Liverpool at the Emirates on Monday night, pointing out that the former Man Utd defender could “go suck a ****”.

It comes as the latest in a string of expletive-laden bust-ups between the pair, with Neville having last week tweeted the cryptic “will somebody please tell that French ****ing pile of **** to stop getting his **** of a dog to **** all over my ****ing lawn”.

This of course came hot on the heels of Wenger openly admitting to having edited Neville’s Wikipedia page to change his middle name to “****”, his erstwhile on-pitch position to “****” and his current employers to “****s”.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Arsène Wenger jabbed his finger at an imaginary camera as he labelled Neville “the kind of **** who has Phil ****ing Neville as his ****ing brother”.

He roared: “The brass neck on that ****ing ****, I tell you.

“I’ve half a mind to **** the ****ing **** out of his **** ****ing face and then **** the **** and **** and **** so that **** comes out his ****.

“TLDR: what a ****.”

Neville was unavailable for a ****ing comment.