Northern Irish Man on Hiding to Nothing

Brendan Rogers has left Swansea City for Liverpool
Rogers... Cautious (Img: AWWS)
A Northern Irish man is on a hiding to nothing, according to reports.

The man, an Aquarius, today confirmed his decision to leave Swansea City to join Liverpool, where he succeeds Roy Hodgson as first team manager with no prior connection to the Anfield club.

However, according to reports, the same reports we mentioned earlier, the man, Brendan Rogers, has been placed in an impossible situation.

Stanislav Ndlovu, a reporter for SoccerBelch.net, said: “The squad left behind by Kenny Dalglish, rubbish, will undoubtedly be a hindrance to the former Ballymena United defender.

“Rodgers will be hoping that he can get his side off to a strong start in what looks likely to be a competitive Barclays Samsung Super Premier Superleague next season.”

Some guy off the street said: “If you ask me, the best thing he could possibly do right now is to very publicly announce that this job is a dream come true as he was a boyhood Red.

“If results don’t go so well to start with, start thinking and behaving like a much beloved former Liverpool player, and stick to it so belligerently that eventually history gets airbrushed in your favour.

“That’s definitely where Roy went wrong.”