Murphy and Savage urged to hone Pinky & the Brain dynamic

BBC bosses say current likeness is "tantalisingly close" as former Crewe team mates revive spirit of Animaniacs.

Murphy and Savage
DYNAMIC DUO: Murphy and Savage (Image: JD Hancock)

It’s the Murphy and Savage double act that captivated viewers on Saturday night’s Match of the Day, and there could be plenty more to come from them yet.

Former Crewe Alexandra team mates Danny Murphy and Robbie Savage had a nation rolling in those proverbial aisles with their Pinky and the Brain schtick, which the pair claim never to have worked on or indeed ever really noticed.

Football Burp understands that BBC bosses will now apply pressure on Murphy and Savage to nurture a dynamic more in line with the erstwhile Animaniacs spin-off, with their current likeness having been deemed to be “tantalisingly close”.

Speaking exclusively to Burp’s bitter stateside rivals Soccer Belch, Greg Dyke could scarcely contain his enthusiasm for the BBC’s stumbled-upon new dream ticket.

He said: “If we can get Murphy to say things like ‘are you pondering what I’m pondering, Savage?’ then this will quite literally s**t all over Neville and Carragher.

“You could probably start each show with Robbie saying ‘duuuhhh, whaddayou wanna do tonight, Murphy?’ and Danny replying ‘the same thing we do every Saturday night, Savage – we try to take over the world!’.

“Then they both agree that they’d probably just get foiled comedically as usual and they settle for being Match of the Day pundits instead.

“Oh wait, I’m not at the Beeb any more. I’m at the FA now, aren’t I?

“Er, disregard [the above].”