Moyes slaps down misogyny accusations over controversial new rap lyrics

Sunderland boss's new album causing quite the stir.

David Moyes slaps downs accusations of misogyny

Sunderland boss David Moyes has slapped aside accusations of misogyny concerning the inflammatory lyrical content of his new album Relegation.

No stranger to controversy, Moyes previously provoked outrage for the lines “You think I won’t slap no bitch? Make her injured worse than Nikica Jelavić?” on his critically acclaimed Make Some Moyes LP.

And his latest effort has already been heavily criticised for the lyrical likes of “And Vicki Sparks asked…nothing, you idiots! Vicki Sparks passed, I beat her to death with her press pass”.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Moyes insisted the lyrics weren’t intended to be taken seriously.

He said: “In my music, I’m just playing a character – in real life, I wouldn’t really beat Vicki Sparks to death with her press pass.

“Sure, the character is an exaggerated version of the part of me that burns with the rage of a thousand suns at my nosediving managerial career.

“But when I say ‘I’ll come at you like a tornado, squeeze you into Play-Doh, leave you on the bench as cover for Oviedo’, it’s not meant to be taken literally.”

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