Mourinho v Pep stage play scheduled extra date due to popular demand

Performance to be picketed by EFL rally highlighting plight of British managers.

Mourinho v Pep as symbolised by masks
DRAMATIC: Masks (Image: Booyabazooka/GFDL-en)

Hit stage play Mourinho v Pep has added an extra date to its 2016-17 reunion tour due to overwhelming popular demand.

The José v Guardiola attraction has proved a crowd-pleaser, their recent league meeting pulling in millions of tweets.

And so they are scheduled to meet again sooner than they were due to, this time in the EFL Cup.

Those unfamiliar with the EFL should be advised that it’s not a far-right organisation as much as it is the League Cup now.

Nevertheless, an EFL rally has been organised by right-wing protest groups yet to pick up on the difference.

In a statement, they confirmed they will picket the extra performance of Mourinho v Pep to highlight the plight of British managers.

They said: “All we’re saying is where’s the Allardyce v Bruce stage play? There isn’t one.

“This is a clear example of reverse xenophobia, perhaps just outright xenophobia – we’ll google it later.

“Frankly we’ve had enough of those successful managers coming over, winning everything in sight and commandeering Britain’s theatre.

“And experts.”