Mourinho surliness vindicated as Chelsea double is sealed

Capital One Cup dismissed on grammatical grounds.

José Mourinho, supervisor of the Chelsea double
SURLY: Mourinho (Image: Майоров Владимир)

It’s the Chelsea double that’s had us all contemplating switching to rugby for the next few months, and Football Burp understands that it has vindicated José Mourinho’s season-long surliness.


The Blues boss, notoriously sullen, allowed the merest hint of a smile to permeate his increasingly Jack-Dee-like features in the immediate aftermath of yesterday’s 2-0 Capital One Cup final victory over Tottenham Hotspur at Wembley.

It followed swiftly on the heels of Chelsea being confirmed as Premier League champions – you know, virtually – when Manchester City lost 2-1 at Liverpool.

But when asked whether he’d been spending all season indulging in media-based mind games, and if so does he now feel justified in doing so, Mourinho shrugged and scowled.

He said: “No. No, I do not think like this. It is you who thinks these things.

“Am I happy to win the Capital One Cup? I would say no. How can you have a capital one? This you will need to explain to me.

“A capital J I can understand, or a capital M – these I have embroidered into my official club tracksuit.

“But a capital one? No. No, I do not see it this way.”

We’re sure José loves his Chelsea double really.