Mourinho loses bottle, police find it several streets away

Punted receptacle safely returned to misfiring Man Utd boss.

This isn't actually José Mourinho's water bottle
LOST: Bottle (Image: Amraepowell)

José Mourinho completely lost his bottle in Sunday’s 1-1 draw with West Ham United, but police confirmed they found it a few streets away and have given it back to him.

The misfiring Man Utd manager was particularly irate about something or other when he punted his water bottle fifty feet into the air during the Old Trafford clash.

Mourinho appeared quite distressed when he realised he’d lost his bottle and lashed out at the referee, who sent him to the stands.

But the story reached a happy conclusion when some rozzers managed to locate it several streets away.

One of them told Football Burp: “We’re always on high alert with regards José’s bottle because he loses it so frequently these days.

“Quite frankly if he doesn’t start being more careful he’s in danger of losing his bottle for good.

“Man Utd are such a managerial death sentence these days, it’s outrageous.”