Mourinho set to drop Luke Shaw diss track

Gary Neville provides beats.

Luke Shaw is the subject of José Mourinho's diss track
SHAMED: Shaw (Image: Matt Janzer)

Manchester United boss José Mourinho is all set to drop a savage new diss track tearing Luke Shaw a new A-hole, we can confirm.

The rhymes, merciless, were laid down in a studio yesterday with Gary Neville (aka G-Nev) providing beats.

And Football Burp can exclusively reveal some of the lyrics from Mourinho’s Luke Shaw diss track, clumsily titled “Luke At Yourself (Shaw It Up)”.

The rhyming schemes include: “See that? I put Luke Shaw in/But I had to make all his decisions for him/He’s so overweight it’s basically appallin’/Gonna slap him down and send him off for more gym.

“As a footballer he ain’t too brainy/And he’s not as strong as Marouane Fellaini/He be piling on the pounds like Wayney/And his positioning can be quite zany.

“I called him out, like I did with Mkhitaryan/And it worked, too, just look at how far he ran/Won us a penalty v Everton, he was our starry man/I can’t possibly finish this rhyming scheme without resorting to something even more ridiculous than ‘starry man’.