Messi wonder goal makes late surge in polls

Argentine's moment of magic in Champions League strikes chord with electorate.

Lionel Messi wonder goal was brought to you by this guy
TIDY: Messi (Image: Lluís)

It’s the Lionel Messi wonder goal that’s got everyone jiving, and in a shock twist it could end today with a majority vote in the UK General Election.

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The wonder goal, sublime, saw the Argentine zoom past Jérôme Boateng before deftly chipping Manuel Neuer as Barcelona struck three late goals against Bayern Munich in last night’s Champions League semi-final first leg.

Messi’s moment of magic appears to have struck a chord with the electorate in this country, many of whom have taken to adding a light-hearted doodle of it to their ballot papers and planting a whacking great ticked box next to it.

Despite concerns that a Messi wonder goal majority vote would not be conducive to the formation of a legitimate government, it appears that thousands of voters are too dazzled to give a hoot.

One said: “What a beautiful goal – I swear if you watch it in super slow-mo, he whips out a yerba mate and takes a quick sip of it as he leaves Boateng on his backside.

“Then he spins around and goes ‘meep meep’ right in his face before coolly slotting. Whichever way you look at it, that’s way better than scrapping non-doms or carving some bullsh*t on a piece of rock.

“Messi wonder goal wins it for me. This is fun! It’s a bit like The X Factor, isn’t it?

“Merry General Election day, one and all.”

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