Match of the Day to introduce Offensive Chant of the Month contest

Lukaku and Morata ditties spark widespread songwriting.

Chelsea's Álvaro Morata was the subject of an offensive chant
MUSIC: Morata (Image: Suppachy)

BBC staple Match of the Day has announced it is to host an Offensive Chant of the Month contest starting with next week’s program.

After recent ditties paying homage to Romelu Lukaku and Álvaro Morata made national headlines, supporters nationwide have been cooking up their own masterpieces to air at this weekend’s fixtures.

MOTD will then round up the most offensive chants with “The Life of Riley” by The Lightning Seeds fading in and out between them.

Hotly anticipated efforts include a misogynistic chant that Everton fans are preparing for Wayne Rooney, and one that Newcastle fans are readying for their trip to Brighton that’s being described as “the ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ of homophobia”.

One Newcastle fan said: “It’s mind-blowing stuff, a seven-minute rock opera with multi-layer vocal harmonies, epic guitar solos, the works.

“Needless to say it’s outrageously homophobic, but we hope people will nevertheless appreciate all the work we’ve put into it.

“Also be sure to check out ‘Feed the Monkey’ by Crystal Palace fans, in honour of Roy Hodgson and Andros Townsend. It’s a banger.”