Martínez hails “incredible” trip to edge of war zone

Everton manager praises "phenomenal" 4,800-mile round journey.

Roberto Martínez, Everton manager
ENTHUSED: Martínez (Image: David Brant)

Everton manager Roberto Martínez has hailed his side’s 4,800-mile round journey to Russian side Krasnodar as “incredible, incredible” and “phenomenal”.

The Catalan, affable, was quick to point to the positives of having to fly to and back from the edge of a war zone on a Thursday before going to Old Trafford on Sunday.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Martínez stated how excited he was to be taking part in a competition that sounds like a U2 album.

He enthused: “It’s an incredible, incredible opportunity for this football club and this group of players.

“Due to current EU sanctions I’m not allowed to say any nice things about Krasnodar, but the journey itself is phenomenal.

“Phil Jagielka got to sit at the front of the plane out here because of his goal in the derby, but there was a bit of unexpected turbulence at one point and a stewardess spilt soup on him.

“It was phenomenal.”

He continued: “Also you may think I’m affable but have you seen the face on me when I’m out on the touchline during a match?

“I look like a bulldog licking piss of a nettle, and yes we do say that in Catalonia.”

In other news, Samuel Eto’o refused to stop and talk to Football Burp.

He said: “Go away.”

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