Man whose old FM game predicted Neville to Valencia wins £100k

Sports Interactive announce shock decision to hand over wealth to gamers with prescient past games.

New Valencia boss Gary Neville
Neville Devil (Image: Austin Osuide)

A man whose old game of Football Manager saw Gary Neville become Valencia manager in 2015 has been awarded a cash price of £100,000.

The man, anonymous by choice, came forward immediately when Sports Interactive announced their decision to hand the majority of their wealth over to gamers whose old versions of FM anticipated real-life changes previously held as bizarre.

Another man whose 2005-06 game eventually took in David Moyes to Real Sociedad scooped £75,000, with a cool £1.2m going to a man whose 2000-01 game foresaw both Sven-Göran Eriksson and Claudio Ranieri ending up at Leicester.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, a spokesperson for Sports Interactive explained that the decision was intended to be “a Zuckerberg type gesture”.

They said: “Except instead of the money going to good causes, it goes to people who once laughed at their game of Football Manager throwing up an unlikely future managerial appointment.

“And then looked on stunned as the very same appointment eventually came to pass in real life.

“Cash rewards are proportional to unlikelihood of appointment, and I personally am on course for a mind-boggling £4.3m if Efan Ekoku ever lands the Juventus job.

“Could happen.”