Man Utd stars revolting, confirms van Gaal

Tips out zip-lock bag full of Wayne Rooney's toenail clippings at press conference.

Louis van Gaal displayed these toenail clippings of Wayne Rooney's

Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal has confirmed that his players are indeed revolting, blaming successive Glaswegian managers before him for the lax hygiene standards.

The Dutchman, clean as a whistle, was responding to a story in The Times about senior Red Devils stars questioning his training methods when he let slip with the revealing, lost-in-translation gaffe.

When asked if his players were in fact revolting, van Gaal presented the gathered press with a collection of Wayne Rooney’s toenail clippings that had been left in the club canteen.

He said: “As you can see, I need three plastic zip-lock bags to carry them all around in. That’s a lot of clippings.

“You think that’s bad? You should see how Phil Jones leaves the toilet after a jalfrezi.

“I keep telling him not to eat the chillies whole, but does he listen?

“Does he ass.”