Man livid after missing 13 goals skipping presumed dead rubbers

Barcelona mount stunning comeback against PSG, irking guy who went to see LEGO Batman movie instead.

Neymar scored in Barcelona 6-1 PSG
SCORED: Neymar (Image: Alex Fau)

A man is absolutely furious at missing thirteen goals having decided not to bother watching either Arsenal v Bayern Munich or Barcelona v PSG.

The Champions League last 16 second league ties had looked fairly pointless after thumping first leg wins for Bayern and PSG, but that presumption now looks nothing if not incredibly stupid.

Bayern beat Arsenal 5-1 for the third successive occasion, while Barcelona overcame a 4-0 first leg deficit by clinching a 6-1 win with three late goals.

Yes, three late goals.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Steve, a football fan from England, began by banging his head against a wall for five minutes.

He finished and said: “I went to go see the LEGO Batman movie on Tuesday night, and I hated it so much I went to see it again on Wednesday just to make sure I wasn’t having some kind of episode.

“Turns out I was right, it was just dreadful. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure why I was expecting any different.

“Judging by the couple of hundred or so texts and WhatsApps I got about it, I will now have to spend the rest of my days sighing wistfully every time some Partridge of a commentator brings up ‘that famous night in Barcelona’.