Lookalikes pour in for departed Swansea boss Bradley

RoboCop, Lord Voldemort and sniper from Enemy at the Gates among those cited.

Lord Voldemort looks like Bob Bradley
RESEMBLANCE: Voldemort (Image: Kevindooley)

Lookalikes have been pouring in for Bob Bradley, who was this morning sacked as manager of Swansea City aged just 58.

Bradley failed to survive a humiliating 1-4 defeat to West Ham United on Boxing Day, ensuring he adds ‘first American to be sacked’ to a list of personal Premier League accolades that also includes ‘first American to manage in it’ and ‘first American to baffle everyone by leaving Llorente on the bench’.

As news broke of his untimely departure, fans of both Swansea and other clubs were quick to make wisecracks about who he resembles.

RoboCop, Lord Voldemort, the sniper from Enemy at the Gates, pretty much anyone who’s bald – all these and more were cited as British football fans paid tribute as only they know how.

It’s been a traumatic Christmas for lovers of the beautiful game, with Alan Pardew getting sacked by Crystal Palace and Carrie Fisher, formerly a metal-bikini-clad sex slave to Sam Allardyce, passing away.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Garry Monk repeatedly uttered the words “what a shame” and stifled a series of sniggers with the back of his hand.

He said: “What a shame. I mean, really, what a terrible shame.

“(Stifles snigger with back of hand).”