Liverpool title challenge ends against West Brom despite possession victory

Brendan Rodgers
Command… Lonely (Img: Bernard Chan)

Liverpool have now conceded that they might not win the title this season after dipping 2-0 at home to West Bromwich Albion, according to sources close to the club.

The defeat, #notgoodenofffurLiverpoolFubbubub, came despite a clear possession victory for Brendan Rodgers’s side, who also had more shots on goal and have more followers on Twitter.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, some guy who phoned in to Radio Merseyside last night said that the defeat could be attributed to Steve Clarke’s prior experience Anfield as Kenny Dalglish’s number two.

He said: “He knows the club backwards, la.

“He’s gone there and worked under the best football manager in the weld, not to mention played alongside the best goalkeeper in the weld, the best right-back in the weld, the best centre-back pairing in the weld, the best defensive midfielder in the weld, the best false 9 just around the corner in the weld and the best Daniel Sturridge in the weld.

“He’ll have learned a lot from that time, much more than he learned under Mourinho at those gobs****s, and just as Brendan Rodgers transformed Swansea City into footballing nonpareils Steve Clarke has fashioned West Brom into a side capable of winning at Anfield.

“Yes, like Reading. And Blackpool. And Northampton Town.

“Shut up, la.”

The bloke who was on a couple of callers later opined that the Reds “lacked quality”, proceeding to pronounce the word ‘psychologically’ in such a way as to send a splatter of phlegm out the other end of the phone.

He said: “It is my considered opinion – and feel free to disagree – that what we witnessed last night was #notgoodenofffurLiverpoolFubbubub.

“I’ve been watching LiverpoolFubbubub on telly since the ’80s and Brendan Rodgers is easily the fourth or fifth worst manager I’ve ever seen.

“I’m telling you, it’s #notgoodenofffurLiverpoolFubbubub.”

Is the Liverpool title challenge over? Do you think Brendan Rodgers is #goodenofffurLiverpoolFubbubub? Do you think Joe Allen is #goodenofffurLiverpoolFubbubub? What exactly is #goodenofffurLiverpoolFubbubub? Have your say in the comments section below…