Liverpool sack Southampton manager

Reds take action as Claude Puel refuses to play ball on Virgil van Dijk transfer.

Claude Puel, sacked by Liverpool as Southampton manager
PUSHED: Puel (Image: Pymouss44)

Liverpool have sacked Claude Puel as Southampton manager after the Frenchman refused to play ball over Virgil van Dijk’s proposed transfer.

Puel guided Saints to a League Cup final and 8th place Premier League finish last season, despite quite literally boring the tits off home supporters in the process.

The club infamously had to hire extra staff members just to sweep up all the fallen fans’ tits from the stands, but this is not seemingly a factor in the sacking.

In fact it is Liverpool, angered by their thwarted attempts at landing yet another Southampton star, who called the shots.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Steve, a hired tit-sweeper from Hampshire, remained philosophical.

He said: “Am I encouraged by the development?

“Well, I could be out of a job unless they replace him with Tony Pulis or someone like that, but putting my own fortunes aside I don’t think Liverpool should be able to sack Southampton’s manager.

“But then what do I know? I just sweep tits for a living.”

Liverpool are now on the lookout for a suitable puppet manager.