Liverpool relive magic of famous night in Istanbul

Reds spark memories of 2005 Champions League final by going in 0-3 down at half time.

A memento from that famous night in Istanbul
FAMOUS: Night (Image: Jay Clark)

Liverpool Football Club last night rekindled the spirit of that famous night in Istanbul by going in three-nil down at half time to a rampant Real Madrid.


The Reds, sentimental, went some way towards reliving their stunning Champions League victory over AC Milan in 2005 by rolling over and taking an absolute shoeing in a first half that had many spectators contemplating a swift exit for “der boozer”.

In a shock twist, Brendan Rodgers’s side then neglected to mount – as indeed they did on that famous night in Istanbul – a stirring comeback culminating in a penalty shoot-out victory, which admittedly would have been even more of a shock twist given that it’s still only the group stage.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Cristiano Ronaldo revealed that he was having trouble adapting back to normal life having found everything so easy for ninety minutes.

He said: “Even sticking the kettle on feels like it requires some kind of Herculean effort compared to dancing around Liverpool’s statuesque back four.

“It what? ‘Statuesque’ means what? See, I thought it meant ‘still, like a statue’.

“I could have looked it up on the internet but even a cursory google feels like scaling Kilimanjaro compared to running rings around Liverpool’s lead-footed defenders.”