Liverpool fans demand more input, forget what happened last time

Bill Shankly
What would this chap’ve said? (Img: Stuart Frisby)
Liverpool supporters union Spirit of Shankly have called for the club’s American owners Fenway Sports Group to bloody well listen to their latest suggestion as it really is quite tremendous.

The Anfield faithful, loud when it suits them, released a statement demanding that John W Henry and co appoint a CEO based on Merseyside, the idea being that there would always be someone on hand to hear them out should they wish to babble on and on about what Shanks would’ve said about this, that and the other.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, everyone else in the world expressed their amazement that the Reds fans, having hounded FSG to appoint Kenny Dalglish then sat and watched as he hemorrhaged vast sums of money on mediocre British players, would think that they should be given more input into the day-to-day running of the club.

They/you said: “Are they actually serious? Even after the whole Dalglish fiasco? For real?

“The club had to shift Andy Carroll off the wage bill and still couldn’t afford to buy Clint Dempsey, and they think the answer is to pay someone a salary to nod patiently and feign concern when they turn against Brendan Rodgers in a month’s time? Wow.

“Having seen all the banners I was quite aware of Liverpool fans’ lack of self-awareness, but this is now reaching dangerous levels of delusion. Or prize-winning levels, should they continue to be sufficiently preposterous for someone somewhere to extrapolate it into an actual competition.

“If I was John W Henry I’d change the name of the club to Henrypool and rename Anfield the F***offthisismyclubnotyours Arena. It’s the least they’d deserve.”

Ricky Tomlinson, Ian McCulloch and John Bishop were unavailable for comment due to “filming commitments”.