Liverpool fans’ delusion withstands team’s shocking form

Rodgers should have spent Suárez money on Di María or Costa, confirm internet message boards.

Liverpool fans
CULT: Indoctrinated (Image: Jon Candy)

Liverpool fans’ delusions of grandeur have managed to survive their side’s nightmare start to the 2014-15 season, it has been confirmed on internet message boards such as Red and White Kop.


The supporters, cultish, maintain that embattled manager Brendan Rodgers should have spent the money brought in from the sale of Luis Suárez to Barcelona on world class talents like Ángel Di María or Diego Costa.

Yesterday’s dismal 3-1 defeat at Crystal Palace left the Reds languishing in the bottom half of the Premier League table, but Liverpool fans are refusing to walk on from the belief that they’re the world’s premier sporting institution.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Lars, a Liverpool supporter from Bergen and a RAWK contributor of twelve years, pointed out that Rodgers should have “pushed the boat out” for Sean Bean’s character from the film When Saturday Comes.

He said: “It’s just such an incredible story, like Rickie Lambert but with more crowd-pleasing glory.

“Sean would never walk alone here, although some of us might kick off a bit when someone inevitably points out that he used to star in a period drama that shared a name with a former Man United shirt sponsor.

“Well, sort of.”