Leon Britton denies doing anything disgusting

Swansea midfielder mistakenly fingered in row.

Swansea midfielder Leon Britton
JUST A SWANSEA MIDFIELDER: Britton (Image: Ronnie Macdonald)

Leon Britton has poured scorn on accusations that he did something disgusting several decades ago and passed away in January.

The Swansea City midfielder, mistakenly fingered, urged people to acknowledge the difference in spellings between his own name and that of former Tory MP Leon Brittan before taking to social media with rants.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Britton also explained that he isn’t the Lucas/Walliams comedy vehicle Little Britain either.

He said: “No, I’m not any of those things, I’m just plain old Swansea midfielder Leon Britton.

“Neither am I a British Leon, like some foppish Hugh Grant type going around assassinating people.

“I am, like I said, just Swansea midfielder Leon Britton.

“That’s all for now.”