Leicester fans were banged for “chatting s**t”

Gibraltar chants in Madrid go punished in somewhat ironic twist.

Leicester fan banged for chatting s**t
This Leicester fan regrets chatting s**t (Image: dbenzhuser)

Leicester City fans were last night banged for chatting s**t during clashes with police in Madrid, we can confirm.

The British supporters were gearing up for a Champions League quarter-final against Atlético with lashings of ale and Brexit-themed banter.

But when the merriment spilled over into s**t-chatting, the travelling contingent found themselves on the receiving end of a banging.

It is a form of justice that was initially popularised by the club’s star striker Jamie Vardy, who takes a notoriously hard line on the chatting of s**t.

Vardy’s insistence on banging perpetrators was warmly embraced by those on the terraces in a move that would seem to have backfired on them.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Lester, a Leicester fan from Leicester, accepted that he may have deserved the banging administered upon him.

Nursing his wounds, he said: “To be fair, I was chatting s**t at the time.

“I mean, Gibraltar is technically ours, so you could argue our chants were merely a statement of fact.

“But that would be to brazenly deny the mischievous intent brought upon by copious amounts of San Miguel.

“In retrospect, there was more than an element of s**t about my chat and it probably merited a banging in accordance with Vardy’s Law.

“At the time though I was bloody livid.”

Lester Bangs was unavailable for comment.