Leading health experts warn against supporting Leeds

Some fans so crazy they've now warmed to their Italian Dick Dastardly owner.

Leeds v Galatasaray, 2000, back when supporting Leeds was good
DIFFERENT TIMES: Leeds United v Galatasaray, 2000 (Image: John Seb Barber)

Many of the country’s most medically qualified people have undersigned their assent to an open letter alerting the public to the dangers of supporting Leeds United.

Being party to the Elland Road faithful has been described as “highly stressful” and “crushingly dispiriting” by leading doctors, and some absolute quacks as well.

Subjects have been seen to age 20 years during a single three-month managerial spell, while there have even been cases recorded of Leeds fans warming to ‘colourful’ owner Massimo Cellino in some kind of Stockholm syndrome thing.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, and indeed everyone by nature of being an open letter, the medics highlighted the dire consequences that supporting Leeds United can lead to.

They penned: “We saw this one guy who just gave up all hope and died the moment Dave Hockaday was given the job.

“Others we’ve spoken to swear blind that Cellino’s a good thing for the club, always smoking and saying outrageous things in his Italian Dick Dastardly way.

“These people are clearly insane.”