Lambert Resignation Set to Pave Way for McLeish Appointment

Paul Lambert wants to quit Norwich City, be rejected by Aston Villa then take over at QPR
Lambert... Scottish
Paul Lambert says he’s confident he can force through his resignation from Norwich City, paving the way for him to be turned down by Aston Villa in favour of Alex McLeish.

The Canaries boss, bespectacled on occasion, was left fuming when his attempted exit from Carrow Road was foiled by a large net, but the Scottish man remains optimistic about his chances of sneaking out of the downstairs toilet window around midnight.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Lambert said he was looking forward to being shunned by Villa amidst reports of their dissatisfaction with the manner in which he left Norwich, before taking over at Queens Park Rangers for the second half of next season.

The occasionally bespectacled Scottish man said: “I’ve spoken with Randy Lerner and he assured me I’ll be odds-on for a few days until Alex McLeish suddenly shows up much to everyone’s chagrin.

“I said, ‘That’s a bit controversial isn’t it, Randy? You only just sacked him.’ He said to me, ‘Paul, if you’d been in football as long as I have, you’d know f**k all as well.

“Then he started hopping around the office, bouncing off the walls and going ‘woohoo!’ like Daffy Duck. I just smiled and backed slowly out of the room.”

He added: “Obviously it won’t be easy but as long as Sean Wright-Phillips reanimates I think my QPR squad will have enough firepower to get us out of that relegation zone.”