Koeman and O’Neill finalise plans to meet up and shout at each other

Everton and Republic of Ireland bosses agree on "verbal straightener".

Everton manager Ronald Koeman will shout at Martin O'Neill
RANT: Ronald (Image: Paul Blank)

Ronald Koeman and Martin O’Neill have successfully negotiated a time and place to meet up and yell in each others’ faces, we can confirm.

The scheduled shouting match will see the Everton boss and his Republic of Ireland counterpart put an end to their regular press briefings about what a t*** they find the other to be.

Although both parties have long since forgotten what they were arguing about, they are nevertheless thought to be absolutely furious.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp ahead of this afternoon’s Merseyside derby at Anfield, Koeman outlined the details of his verbal straightener with O’Neill.

He said: “We will be meeting in the car park of the Asda on Smithdown Road at 1pm tomorrow following a light brunch.

“Neither of us will be allowed to bring a megaphone but we are allowed one person each for backup.

“Martin will be bringing Roy Keane and I shall be accompanied by Duncan Ferguson. Roy and Duncan will do all the punching while Martin and I scream in each others’ faces.

“I’m looking forward to it because all these press briefings, you know, they just feel so impersonal.

“Of course neither of us remembers what it’s all about – something to do with James McCarthy, was it? – but we’re bloody livid all the same.

“I’ve got some real zingers lined up. The one about his net spend at Aston Villa is going to leave him rocking, let me tell you.”