“Kevin De Bruyne so blue and red I thought we’d scored,” says Barca boss Enrique

Belgian's free-kick against Barcelona most confusing complexion-related goal since Dale Winton's against Holland.

Kevin De Bruyne is blue and red, confusing Barcelona
CONFUSING COMPLEXION: De Bruyne (Image: joshjdss)

Barcelona manager Luis Enrique admits he celebrated Kevin de Bruyne’s goal for Man City as he mistook him for one of their own.

The Barca boss, a Zodiac, was left flummoxed when it dawned on him that the blue and red figure scoring the wicked free-kick was not one of his players.

Even sections of the away support were dummied into momentary celebration, so classically Barcelona-like does the Belgian look in his City garb.

It’s not the first time that a player’s complexion has bamboozled in such a manner, Dale Winton scoring against Holland on one memorable occasion.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Enrique confessed to celebrating De Bruyne’s goal for as long as a minute.

He said: “I confess to celebrating it for as long as a minute.

“It was just such a compelling illusion and my poor brain couldn’t compute something so red and so blue not scoring for us, or at least Crystal Palace.

“One suspects he has West Ham and Aston Villa thoroughly discombobulated as well.

“Good luck to the lad.”