Jürgen Klopp lookalike on Liverpool bench “a glitch in the matrix”

Merseyside Police inundated with reports of a second Klopp.

Is this the Jürgen Klopp lookalike or the real thing?
DOUBLE? Klopp (Image: Tim.Reckmann)

A Jürgen Klopp lookalike spotted on Liverpool’s bench during the 2-1 League Cup victory over Spurs has been explained away as “a glitch in the matrix”.

The Anfield-based weirdness comes as further footballing evidence of a malfunctioning reality, following on from Leicester City winning the Premier League title.

When contacted by Football Burp, Merseyside Police confirmed they’ve been “inundated” with reports of a second Klopp.

They said: “We thought it was a prank at first, but then we started getting calls from people who sounded sober.

“Liverpool Football Club told us there’s no Jürgen Klopp lookalike in their employ – other than Klopp himself, of course – so we’re putting this down to a glitch in the matrix.

“As you may be aware, we’re all living in a simulated version of reality and clearly whoever’s in control of it still has a few bugs to iron out.

“If you look carefully enough then you can see glitches in the matrix everywhere – Donald Trump, for example, or all those clowns running around with chainsaws.

“Even our Prime Minister says she has no recollection whatsoever of appointing Boris Johnson as foreign secretary.

“I myself came home last night to see a flickering, upside-down hologram of myself in the kitchen.

“This two Klopps thing is most likely a similar phenomenon and you shouldn’t worry.

“Er, unless you’re bothered about living in a dystopian future where nothing is as it seems.”