Klopp bumps into Guardiola during nude forest rampage

Liverpool boss reacts badly to EFL Cup semi-final defeat to Southampton.

Jürgen Klopp did not react well to Liverpool 0-1 Southampton
NUDE RAMPAGE: Klopp (Image: Jürgen Jung, Fotosaar)

Jürgen Klopp has reportedly bumped into Pep Guardiola while charging naked around a forest in the aftermath of his Liverpool side’s 0-1 defeat to Southampton.

The Reds boss reacted badly to the EFL Cup semi-final second league defeat at Anfield, first berating a reporter for failing to help his team score a goal before tearing off his clothes and running wildly into the woods.

It was there that he came across his Manchester City counterpart, who is also currently in the throes of a meltdown the likes of which makes Piers Morgan’s Twitter account look like a Buddhist mindfulness pamphlet.

As he spoke exclusively to Football Burp, it was clear that Klopp was not yet on top of his strop.

He roared: “It was nice to see Pep in the woods and realise I’m not the only high-profile former Bundesliga manager who’s lost it a bit of late.

“Whereas I was fully nude, Pep had adapted to his new surroundings with a consummate ease that, it has to be said, contrasts starkly with his transition to the English Premier League.

“He had a fig leaf on his junk, a wild boar over a makeshift spit and even Claudio Bravo charging out intermittently to bring him messages from the outside world.

“I’m pretty tempted to hang around with him there until Senegal get knocked out of the African Cup of Nations.”