Jamie Vardy now just 7 goals away from universe record

High Commander Blorx the Destruktor scored in 18 consecutive games back in [date incalculable to humankind].

Jamie Vardy, potential record-breaker
RECORD-BREAKER? Vardy (Image: Pioeb)

Jamie Vardy is now just 7 goals in 7 games away from breaking the all-time, all-space record for consecutive goals.

The Leicester City striker broke the modern day Premier League record when he scored in the 1-1 draw against Man Utd on Saturday, and now he’s got his sights set on besting the 18-match scoring streak set by High Commander Blorx the Destruktor back in [actual date incalculable to humankind].

However, there has been controversy surrounding Blorx the Destruktor’s achievement ever since it was revealed that he used something akin to a Jedi mind trick to send the goalkeeper the wrong way for his converted penalty against AFC Horsehead.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Vardy remained philosophical.

He said: “Mind control or no, you’ve just got to respect Blorx the Destruktor’s record.

“To score in 18 straight games is incredible no matter where in the universe you are, but all records are out there to be broken so I’ll keep my head down and continue to work hard for it.

“Of course I’m concerned that the last player to score in 17 consecutive games, Farxhuwarz the Magnificent, was mysteriously obliterated by a death ray the following game just as he’d rounded the ‘keeper.

“At the end of the day, though, I’ve just got to keep my head down, keep my feet on the ground and remain philosophical.”