International break now a metaphorical affliction, like heartbreak

"This weekend I got the words 'Andros Townsend' tattooed on my buttocks," says no one.

BOOORRRRED (Image: Liam Quinn)

Good grief this international break is killing me, can we just have some real football already, it has been confirmed.

The feeling, widespread, has fully taken into account that there are still a load of World Cup qualifiers taking place tonight.

However, it is understood that no one really cares all that much other than UKIP members and Match of the Day pundits, and yeah maybe like three other people or something.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, no one had anything particularly interesting to say about England’s brave warriors taking on the might of Poland.

No one said: “This weekend I got the words ‘Andros Townsend’ tattooed on my buttocks.

“I might get Gary Cahill on my inner thigh.”

Somewhere in a parallel universe, this article has some kind of point and ends satisfactorily.

Don’t blame us. Our spirits are broken.

International break broken.

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