“I’m not revolting” – Fàbregas defends personal hygiene

Spanish playmaker "well-kempt", despite impression to contrary given by his designer stubble.

Cesc Fàbregas
REVOLTING? Fàbregas (Image: Aleksandr Osipov)

Chelsea playmaker Cesc Fàbregas has leaped to the defence of his own personal hygiene standards after misconstruing media allegations that he’s revolting.

The Spaniard, well-kempt despite the impression to the contrary given by his designer stubble, was aghast to wake up to reports that he’s somehow disgusting and averse to personal grooming.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Fàbregas pointed to the array of shower gels and Lynx sprays lining his shelves alongside the various medals he’s won as a player.

He said: “I strongly refute any implication that I’m revolting.

“Of all the players at Chelsea, I’m probably one of the tidier ones. Diego Costa leaves animals bones and entrails all over the floor of the dressing room whenever he’s been feeding, while John Terry’s not washed his c**k since 2003.

“How am I meant to focus on systematically undermining José Mourinho with all these accusations flying around?

“I have to say, I feel slighted. But – unlike, say, Branislav Ivanović – I’m not about to stick my finger up my a**e and jab it in anyone’s face out of spite.

“I really hate it when he does that.”