“I would join striking Payet on picket line,” says Jeremy Corbyn

"I'd ask him about freedom of movement but he probably thinks it has to do with getting a new stadium," says Labour leader.

Dimitri Payet has gone on strike from West Ham
PICKET: Payet (Image: joshjdss)

Jeremy Corbyn has said he would be prepared to join the striking Dimitri Payet on a picket line, blaming West Ham United for the player’s poor performance.

Yesterday Hammers boss Slaven Bilić announced Payet’s decision in the saddest press conference ever witnessed, but Corbyn’s sympathies lie with the France play-maker.

The Labour leader said: “Clearly it’s up to the club to maximise Dimitri’s working potential by surrounding him with similarly talented players.

“That is why I absolutely will be joining him on his picket line – or, if he intends to just stay at home while not playing, pop round for a cuppa.

“If I can somehow convince him to sign for Stoke it could really help me out in this by-election we’ve got coming up.

“I’d ask him what he thinks about freedom of movement but he probably thinks it’s got something to do with getting a new stadium.”

Prime Minister Theresa May was unavailable for comment.